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The Hollam Shoot

About the shoot

The Hollam Shoot is a family – run shoot based on the Hollam Estate which is entirely situated within the Exmoor National Park. There are 18 pheasant drives in four valleys that include both wooded and open stands. It benefits from the wonderful topography that produces the high birds for which the area is famous. The average daily bag over a season is between 250 to 300 birds. We do not shoot double guns.

Athough 35 days are shot at Hollam, only half are sold to third parties. The remainder are syndicate and family days. Many of the groups who shoot here have been coming for many years. Occasionally opportunities arise for new teams, and if this would be of interest please contact us.

Hollam House was owned by the Mildmay family for hundreds of years and Walter Mildmay, the last of the family to live in the house, started shooting here in the 1980's. Later Dr Woodman, a local GP, moved his syndicate to Hollam from Molland and developed the shoot into largely what it is today. More recently the estate was bought by Preben and Annie Prebensen and the shoot has been re-established in its current form and is now run by them.

Darren Ninnis has become our Estate Manager and Pete Stanbury has stepped into his shoes as Head Keeper. He has been working with us since he left school and is more than ready to take on the challenge. We pride ourselves on being part of our local community – the majority of those employed by the shoot live in Dulverton and the surrounding area. There is an attractive shoot lunchroom with an open fire in a converted stable building. Lunch is a highlight of the day and is cooked by Christine Nelder who runs the bakery in Dulverton.

Darren, Even & Roger